Friday, October 28, 2005

Addendum to "When Novelists Attack!"

This just in: Rambo creator David Morrell will be writing a Captain America project for Marvel next year. The press release is as follows:

"In his first comic book writing effort, Morrell will bring his action writing talent to Captain America, in the story of a young Marine, Corporal James Newman, who is on his tour of duty in Afghanistan. In the midst of a brutal fire fight with enemy forces, Captain America leads him out of the battle while helping him rescue his wounded comrades who are trapped by enemy fire. When the smoke clears, Newman is unsure if Captain America was really there, or a hallucination in the stress of battle."

Now that's more like it! A Captain America story that might not be a Cap story at all; rather, what the character represents, particularly in contemporary times. That's something we haven't had recently - the significance of Captain America from the perspective of an outsider. Again, Morrell is a writer I haven't had personal experience with, but based on the idea alone? This easily has the most potential in the novelist circle. Definitely something I'll be looking forward to.