Monday, May 28, 2007

Crisis on Infinite Livejournals

Ugh, what a week. For the last eight days, neither my home computer or my laptop has been able to enter Livejournal; all I get is "Cannot find server". Oddly enough, several friends of mine succeeded, and I was able to do so via campus computers, but... well, I just have no idea what's going on. My IP is dynamic, so it can't be a problem with a specific address; I can't remote-post replies to threads via e-mail; and since no extensions of Livejournal are accessible, there's no way for me to contact their Tech Support or check their FAQ.

It's not my own site I'm worried about; Sententia's doing nicely here and I'll have all the old material uploaded by tomorrow. But dammit, I have a lot of friends on LJ and I just can't interact with them at all. It's very frustrating. :(