Saturday, July 15, 2006

Fic Recs

Every so often, I end up stumbling onto stories based in a fandom I either don't know or don't like. I'll read these stories anyway, and get blown away by how good they are and how much I enjoy them despite not being the target audience. 99% of the time it's not enough to completely convert me to said fandom, but these are some examples of fics that transcend the fandom boundary, and are must-reads for that reason.

Harry Potter: Your Every Wish by Maya. I've read many, many, many mind-control stories, in various media and fandoms. This one, though... Maya gets it, in a terrifying and unrelentingly dark way. For a little while, she managed to make me forget about my immense loathing of Harry Potter, and that's no small feat.

Star Wars: Five Senses by Selena K. I like the "Five Things" format because it really lets you hit the reader with a string of short, concentrated bursts, or provide five alternate perspectives on the same theme or plot. Selena uses it well here, with a very interesting view of Darth Vader that makes him somewhat less of a "NOOOOOOO!" joke.

Firefly: Nights of Endless Conversations by Fahye. This one's a bit of a cheat, because it crosses over with a fandom I do love, but I'm including it anyway. Interesting combination, and one that's pulled off quite nicely.

X-Men 3: From The Ashes by kaydeefalls. My dislike of the movie is tempered by the fact that a lot of writers made very good use of the material. Here is one of my favorites.

Batman: Measured Out in Coffee Spoons and Jason and Me by David Hines. It's all about the writing here: I've gone cold on the whole Batman thing these days, but Hines' stories have a certain emotional content that piques my interest.