Monday, March 20, 2006

Comics: An Update

1) With "Ultimate X-Men" dropped, and Millar's "Ultimates" coming to an end soon, I'm now officially done with the Ultimate Marvel line. Normally this would call for commentary, but I honestly think the recent slew of idiot ideas speaks for itself: Vaughan to Kirkman, Millar to Loeb, and let's not forget the monumental waste of talent that is "Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk". All these are indication enough that the shark has not only been jumped, it's been spanked, harpooned, molested and eaten.

2) The Bendis/JMS/Loeb crossover miniseries "Ultimate Power" will apparently have major effects on the "Supreme Power" series. As a response, I've dropped "Supreme Power". :) I actually enjoyed JMS' take on the Squadron Supreme very much, but not enough to sit through an act by the Three Stooges.