Thursday, July 22, 2010

For the bloody WIN

Courtesy of deadwalrus, on the matter of Joe Quesada's "One Moment in Time":

Wait just one fucking MINUTE now.

Peter missed his wedding because a fat, Hispanic man fell on him, suffocating him, trapping him under his bulk, and restricting his movement?

...Isn't that, like, what happened in real life?

Bravo, good sir. Bravo!




So, that's underwhelming.

You know, for the past week I have been concocting in my mind a rather ugly and mean-spirited takedown of Quesada the artist and alleged visionary, but I was on the fence about whether to let the dogs loose on the Prattle.

I think that decision just got made. :)

Diana Kingston-Gabai


Sorry for the delay - my graduate project is very nearly complete, and has morphed into a chronovore that's literally devouring entire days' worth of time. :)

Underwhelming, perhaps, but certainly the most perfect example of Unfortunate Implications Marvel's had in at least a month. ;)

If I was, in any way, responsible for the utterly brilliant Judgment Day you unleashed on that twit, this blog's existence is justified forever and for all time. :)



S'OK. My time's been crunched too. :)

And, as I understand it, it gets more and more feeble in the next chapter . . .

Then I have done us both an honour. :D