Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Like, Whatever (SPOILERS)

Actual conversation today:

LCS Guy: Di, you're not going to believe what they just did - Captain America is dead.

Me: Really? Huh. Well, when's he coming back?

Yeah, that's pretty much the sum total of my investment in this particular plot twist. Don't get me wrong, I trust Brubaker knows what he's doing, I'm just not inclined to play along as if I didn't remember Foggy Nelson and how Marvel swore up and down that he was dead too, "for reals".

Here's food for thought, though: by killing the one character who represents idealism and heroism for Marvel, the current regime has finally proven - once and for all - how far off-course they've gone, how skewed their perception is, and how they're utterly determined to make the Marvel Universe a place that's just not fun to visit anymore.