Saturday, December 17, 2005

MEME: My Pantheon

"Tired of monotheism? Bored with a God who can't make up his mind as to whether witches should be fried or grilled? Build your own Pantheon to worship!"

With that in mind, these would be the deities ruling over my perfect world:

King of the Gods: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog. Like Zeus, he's got what it takes to populate the land with illegitimate demigods. And his bite is most definitely worse than his bark.

Queen of the Gods: The Vancome Lady. Who else could keep Triumph on a leash?

God(s) of the Sea: the Penguins from "Madagascar". Woe to the industrialist who tries to pollute their ocean.

God of the Underworld: Reginold. I'm not even going to tell you why, see for yourself:

God of Wisdom: Foamy. Again, another nomination that speaks for itself:

Goddess of Music: Janice. Because then it would be perfectly legitimate to burn Mariah Carey and Eminem fans at the stake for heresy, as opposed to bad taste. :)

Goddess of Love: Anne Merkel, from Kyle Baker's graphic novel "Why I Hate Saturn". Because she knows the score. :)

God of War: The Rock. Well, it's not like he's good for anything else. Even Charlie Brown knew that.